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Mentoring Program

The HBCU SCI Mentoring Program is an impactful way for students to learn new skills and support professional development while networking with various industry professionals. Mentoring helps students in career planning by providing job-specific information and potential career paths, building career networking skills, and assisting with job placement after graduation. Sign in to the Mentoring Program Platform. [Link to:]


The paid internship application and the program are administered by INROADS.

Sustainability Resource Guide

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Importance of Getting Involved on Campus

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Articles and Media

Your Sustainability Questions, Answered

  • Sustainability means that our future will not be compromised by the things we do today. So, the benefit of a sustainable society is the possibility of continuing to live healthily on our planet for a long, long time, without things “getting worse”. How we can make that happen, that’s the question! That’s where all these definitions and frameworks come in.